Rude Mother Received A Life-Long Lesson For Judging This Man By His Tattoos And Dirty Face

Date June 7, 2018 17:19

We all know the old saying “don’t judge the book by its cover.” However, we also have a common sense which tells you that a person in a mask and a gun in his hands who’s walking into a bank most certainly doesn’t want to apply for a credit card. But where’s the line between these two points of perception? Andy Ross possibly knows the answer, as he turned a mother’s rude comment into a great and inspiring lesson.

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Rude and ignorant comment

Andy Ross is a construction worker and often times gets pretty dirty by the end of the day. On one of such days, he went to the shopping mall and noticed how a young girl was staring at his tattoos and dirt on the face. Knowing how children can be curious, the man paid no attention to it. However, the girl’s mother did. She told the little girl "that’s why you need to stay in school." A rude cliché, isn’t it?

Educational moment

Andy decided not to miss an opportunity to educate the mother. He very politely explained that he has high school and college diplomas, and many medical certifications (the man had served as a special operations medic). Andy happened to be a very educated but dirty man.

His second point was that the mother’s words could actually cause damage to the girl’s creativity and imagination.

If you are telling your daughter to stay in school because I have tattoos up and down my arms, that will actually suppress her creativity and potentially hinder her imagination as she develops. I am proud of my tattoos and artwork that Forrest Bateman put on my body.

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Andy also mentioned his job choice was deliberate and he is proud of it. The man explained that it is in his blood to work with his hands and being outdoors. Moreover, he is a proud hunter and considers himself a responsible gun owner. 

"The dirty man" posted this story online and added a few lessons he learned that day, where the main one was "don’t judge people at first glance." Many people agreed with the man’s point of view:

What do you think? Whose side are you on?

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