Lady With Down Syndrome Defies All Odds And Wows People To Become A Teacher And Public Speaker


February 11, 2019 18:19 By Fabiosa

Brina Maxino is an enigma as she proves that health issues aren't always an obstacle to one's success.

She has defied all odds by successfully becoming more than what the doctors thought was possible for her to be.

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In a Facebook post, she described her journey and all the setbacks she faced.

At the age of 9, doctors informed her parents that she wouldn't live long because she had Down syndrome.

She kept fighting, but when she was eleven years old, a psychologist told her parents that she might not be able to finish grade school.

However, Brina contradicted all the negative remarks about her.

Not only did she finish grade school, but she now also tutors students.

In the post, Brina revealed that she is an Assistant Teacher at Pean Integrated School of Parañaque, but that was not near the limit for her.

The unstoppable lady is also a Special Olympics Global Youth Ambassador who travels around the world inspiring people to be more than labels tell them to be.

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She has even met the former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Maxino captioned the post with a very heartfelt and inspirational story, revealing her journey:

“I thank God for my life. I thank my family, my Lolos, Lolas, Uncles, Aunties, and Cousins for their unconditional love and help. I thank my doctors, therapists, and teachers for keeping me healthy and for teaching me.”

She ended the post encouraging parents, guardians, and everyone to stop disrespecting people with Down Syndrome, and to accept them for who they are.

She also advised that mean labels should be put away.

Brina Maxino's story demonstrates that our circumstances don't define us, and there is no limit to what anyone can achieve.

We appreciate Maxino for sharing her achievements despite the disadvantages she faced.

Indeed, the hardworking lady is a role model  of being emulated.

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