Two Firefighters Take A Woman To The Hospital On Foot Through Icy Road And Freezing Weather

Date February 15, 2019 13:49

Firefighters are usually seen as heroes. Their job is basically to go to the rescue of people in need. Every once in a while, some of them go above and beyond to save a life, proving that rescuing people is more than a job for them.

These two firefighters, for example, decided they were not going to give up even when the circumstances seem to be working against them. They managed to get an injured woman from the scene of an accident to a hospital on foot, and in dreary weather. 

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One of the firemen, Shaylor Taetz, told KSDK that the day had started like any other. He had just gotten to work and was settling down when he received an urgent phone call:

A metro bus that had spun around on the highway.

Two Firefighters Take A Woman To The Hospital On Foot Through Icy Road And Freezing WeatherRitu Manoj Jethani /

He and his partner dropped what they were doing, put on their gear and then rushed to the scene of the accident in an ambulance. However, the icy road made the rescue mission almost impossible.

They had to drive really slowly and even so their ambulance still slid on the roads and hit a guardrail. They knew they could not keep driving like that. Rather than give up, they decided to continue to the accident scene on foot. 

The driver was the only person on the bus and she was stranded.

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They managed to get the woman out of the bus, strapped her to a stretcher and literally pushed her to the nearest hospital, which was a mile away. It was such an extraordinary thing to witness that someone took a photo and shared it online.

Taetz said that, in addition to pushing the stretcher through the icy roads, they still had to deal with traffic going around them. The wheels on the stretcher were also not doing so well on the ice but the men gave all they had to ensure the woman was comfortable and they kept on going.

We did cover her up because it was sleeting or icing and we made sure that none of that was hitting her in the face.

All the effort was worth it, as the woman was okay in the end. She did not suffer any serious injuries.

We cannot help but applaud these men for looking past the obstacles and only having one goal in mind: to save a life. Well done!

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