This Teenager May Have Lost Her Life If Not For Warnings From Her Apple Watch


May 4, 2018 12:53 By Fabiosa

Nothing could have prepared Deanna Recktenwald for the shocking truth that she was suffering severe kidney failure. Since the age of 5, she was keen on sports and led a very active life. But one day while sitting in church, her Apple watch showed her heart rate had spiked to 190. But it got worse.

Deanna’s father shared the story with CBS News:

The watch kept saying that Deanna's heart rate would go up to 140, then dip back down to 60, then go up to 140 again. Then, it spiked to 190 and the watch vibrated on her arm, alerting her to seek medical attention.

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Worried that something may have been wrong, her mother, who happens to be a registered nurse, decided to do a manual check. It turned out the watch readings were right. Immediately, Deanna’s parents rushed her to the hospital. After a barrage of tests, doctors discovered that her kidneys had been failing.

A biopsy revealed Deanna suffered from a degenerative condition called Alport syndrome. It leads to progressive loss of kidney function. Thanks to the Apple watch alerts, doctors say that Deanna evaded emergency surgery. However, she may still need a transplant in a few years.

After the incident, Deanna and her family were particularly grateful to Apple for their life-saving watch. They tried sending their thanks directly to Apple but couldn’t find an email address, so they sent their thanks to the local Apple store. Guess who sent them an email back? Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Apple has loads of fans

The Recktenwald’s are not the only ones who think Apple did a great job with their watches. It is likely they may even win over some new customers as this story continues to make the rounds.

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This teenager from Cape Cod has his own story

17-year-old college student realized his heart rate was uncharacteristically high when his Apple watch showed his resting heart rate was more than twice his average. Later on, doctors diagnosed severe liver, heart, and kidney problems.

The teen was able to get the medical help he needed just in time, thanks to the watch. Ironically, his father was against buying the watch, but after the incident, he went out and got one for himself and his wife.

If you do have one of these watches, it might be a good idea to pay attention to it more often. You could be saving your own life.

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