"He Took A Bullet For Me": Woman Shares How Her Husband Jumped In Front Of Her During Gunman Attack


May 14, 2018 17:58 By Fabiosa

A fun birthday anniversary trip to Puerto Rico for an Alaskan couple became a nightmare after they were attacked by a murderous thief.


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An anniversary from hell

Kendric Tyler and his wife, Kenyada, had decided to spice up their one-year anniversary by celebrating in the Caribbean Island town.

The couple was not expecting to end the trip with Kendric taking a bullet for his wife and fighting to save his life. But that is exactly how things turned out for them.

They were seated in a park in the city of San Juan when a man got down from a motor bike and approached them demanding cash. According to Kenyada, he had a semi-automatic 40-cal ‘Mac 10’ with extended clip.


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Kendric, a youth juvenile officer and community mentor, told the intruder that they did not have cash on them and proceeded to protect himself and his wife, but things escalated quickly. When he noticed that the gun was pointed at them, he instinctively blocked his wife from danger and took the hit.

The bullet reportedly went through his right shoulder and exited his left, damaging his spinal C6 and C7 in the process. The brave husband was left paralysed from his neck down.

Kendric's heroism

Kenyada, who narrated their experience on LoveWhatMatters, expressed hope in God's power to heal her husband and asked for prayers from well-wishers.

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She praised her husband's heroism, devotion to her, and strength of character. Her story and message has drawn a ton of reactions from well-wishers online.

A husband's sacrifice

In yet another act of heroism, a man from Missouri, Don Lansaw, wasted no time in choosing to protect his wife, Bethany, during the Joplin tornado in 2011.

He made himself a human shield over their bathtub as the roaring winds of the 200mph tornado tore through their home. The then 25-year-old Bethany tearfully recounted her husband's sacrifice.

The young couple who had been married for 6 years at the time had plans of having children someday, but their love story was cut short after Don gave his life to save his wife.

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