Two High School Teens Go Viral After Their Prom Proposal Became An Actual Marriage Proposal


May 18, 2018 14:27 By Fabiosa

What started out as a prom date request quickly became an actual proposal for these students from Belton High School.

Prom date

Amber Brownlee and Dawson Moore had been dating for 3 years, and they planned to get married at some point in the future. However, their future was fast-tracked by an eager Moore who could not wait anymore to ask his high school girlfriend to be his wife.

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Like all high school students, Amber Brownlee had gotten ready for prom in her gorgeous gown. She picked a red dress that showed off the back tattoo running down the length of her spine. And when Moore came to pick her, they proceeded to have their pictures taken.

A surprise proposal and criticism

The young man had other plans that soon unraveled and took Brownlee unawares. She was busy taking a picture of her back tattoo when Moore got on his knees. 

She turned to find him with a ring.

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While the young couple is beside themselves with glee as they enter this new phase, people online have mixed reactions. Most people think they are making a mistake.

Hey if they know they wanna be with each other forever in high school leave them alone lmao, y’all just salty you didn’t find a real one this early

Future plans

The couple is looking to get married in two years, and Brownlee is not letting the naysayers dampen her joy.

She confirmed details about the proposal to INSIDER and said that she and her fiancé both have jobs.

They plan to move in together before they start college in July.

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