Woman Shares Her Powerful Story Of Suicide Attempt. She Totally Didn’t Expect A Man To Rescue Her And Turn Her Life Around

Date August 6, 2018 16:11

There are thousands of stories like this one but little do we understand how much pain and suffering is hiding behind them.

Lauren's story

People like Lauren Clements, 24, of Nashville, Tennessee, need to know they aren’t alone in this world with their devastating thoughts. Monday, July 2nd, 2018, wasn’t the first time she attempted a suicide. But back then she frankly thought it was going to be the last time. The thing is she was suffering from a mental illness.

No, she wasn’t crazy or weird, the thing is she had lived through severe bullying and developed a depression, suicidal thoughts and an illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Here’s how she described that special day in her life:

I got out of bed, got dressed, and left my apartment with no intentions of ever returning. I then pulled out my phone to request an Uber to a bridge in my area.

Later on, when standing on the bridge, a man saw her. He jumped off his bicycle and grabbed her, preventing from jumping. It was her life-saving moment.

Being heavily medicated, Lauren was taken to the hospital.

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How far she has come

By that time she had lots of hospitalizations and other suicide attempts, but all her struggles with anxiety and depression were in vain.

17 hospitalizations and nine suicide attempts, including two in 2018 and numerous hospital bracelets.Here’s what Clements said about her life back then:  

It's excruciating. Every single day it's like being in a rain storm that never stops.

But that man and his saving her life made her feel she’s needed. Now, the girl recommends other people what they should do if they are dealing with those who suffer from BPD:

It's OK to ask them if they're considering suicide. You're not going to give them the idea. You're not going to suggest it to them. It's OK to ask. It might just save their life.

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How to deal with suicidal thoughts?

Among other tips on how to help such people fight their depression and suicidal thoughts, here are the most effective ones. First, they should regularly take their medications, not skipping on them.

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Then, it’s recommended they should avoid any drugs or alcohol, they will make suicidal thoughts even worse. Staying hopeful is a good way to get rid of negative thoughts.

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And what’s more important – talking and more talking can find their way out of the dead end. So never back down and remember it’s all gonna be great!

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