When She Was Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis, This 33-Year-Old Woman Decided To Change Her Life. Her Transformation Is Fascinating!

Date October 2, 2018 13:48

Every now and then in life, we reach a point where change is needed. For 33-year-old Tara McGinty, that point came for her, when she was diagnosed with an anomaly.

What is this Rheumatoid arthritis?

This autoimmune disorder may be alien to a lot of people, but it is a very serious condition. It is a chronic inflammatory ailment that affects more than the joints.

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It occurs when the immune system of the affected person, mistakenly begins to attack the person's body tissues. The disorder has been known to destroy other body systems such as lungs, skin, and eyes, in many of its sufferers.

Tara McGinty’s story

Tara McGinty was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a result of her weight. This revelation signaled a turning point for her, and she decided to have a new start.

At the point of the analysis, she weighed 115 kg (254lbs) which resulted in constant fatigue, and multiple naps daily. The pain from the condition became so intense that the mother of two found it difficult to hug her own children.

She described cuddling with her kids as very painful. She had heard that people with an early diagnosis of this anomaly often end up in the wheelchair by 40. Tara was determined to have a different story. She was faced with a decision at that point in her life, and she chose the one that was best for herself and her family.

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Tara was previously addicted to coffee, taking two large cups along with snacks, every day, but that soon changed. Rather than the coffees and snacks, she began taking Isagenix shakes. Also, she started eating clean and underwent rigorous weight loss plans which she followed strictly. The difference was drastic and delightful.

Currently, Tara weighs an impressive 63kg (139lbs), dropped 9 dress sizes, and found a job as a personal trainer. During the recent IsaBody Challenge, out of 46,000 entrants, Tara emerged as the runner-up.

What is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a weight loss system developed by Isagenix international. The company operates via multi-level marketing and sells personal products and supplements. They develop a weight loss system based on meal replacement techniques.

An Isagenix diet, usually, consists of items such as shakes, snacks, tonics as well as supplements. These items are all sold on the Isagenix website. A weight loss system which lasts for 30 days and another, which lasts for 9 days, constitute their most popular programs.

Many have since seen Tara’s drastic transformation, and their tongues can't stop wagging with delightful comments. Congrats to Tara for embarking on a journey of great health.

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