These Little Angels Who Survived Cancer Prove That Miracles Can Happen And They Demonstrated It To The World With An Adorable Photo

Date October 2, 2018 16:36

Many people have watched their loved ones fight the battle against several illnesses. While some did not survive, some overcame, and it is high time we celebrate them.

Where are we at with cancer today?

Constant efforts have been made to cure this life-threatening disease, and results are getting better with more effective treatments equalling more survival rate. Current statistics show that a child has a 90% probability of making it through, compared to the drastic 10% chance of about 4 decades ago.

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This is good news but it's quite far from where we hope to be on the world battle against cancer considering the 10 percent of amazing kids that are not so lucky, and the likeliness of development of other ailments.

Even with the level of advancement in medicine, surviving this malady is a strenuous task especially for children, and these four beautiful girls have warmed our hearts and given hope to many others in their case. Performing what is nothing short of a miracle.

The wonder girls of St. Petersburg

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Lauren, Chloe, Eva, and McKinley made their entrance into the John's Hopkins All Children Hospital in St. Petersburg.

They were there to retake a picture they took two years ago in the same hospital, only for the first time, they were receiving treatments.

Chloe was the only one out of the four with a different diagnosis. She was suffering from lung cancer, while the other girls namely McKinley, Eva, and Lauren were all suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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Three years later, these girls are all looking healthy. Each managing to successfully beat cancer, and be there for one another throughout the treatment period.

These kids not only inspired themselves but also their mothers who claimed that over the years, they found solace in how their girls were there for one another.

The treatment period was bleak for the parents as Alyssa Luciano, Ava's mother recounts that the nights spent at the hospital and nausea were devastating. She went on to comment on their present state of well-being saying,

It's amazing to see how far they've come from being bald little babies.

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Karen Moore, Mckinley's mother also described the girls' friendship as being reassuring as it also gave the parents the opportunity to realize that they were not going through the nightmare alone.

Their doctor, Dr. Colin Moore also chipped in comments about their journey to good health. He expressed his pleasure in their full recovery and was glad they were back to normal kids

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It has been an absolute joy to see them grow and to see them outside of the hospital setting, being the kids they should have been all along.

The photo was taken not only reminds them of the great battle they won, but also inspires everyone going through the same thing.

Girl power!

Many of us are aware of the Scarlett cartoon on YouTube that portrays the life of a young girl who lost a leg to Edwin Sarcoma.

This is a type of bone cancer in children that often leads to amputation. Although she was able to survive it, such a serious ailment has a very drastic effect on this little ones, almost robbing them of their childhood.

Scarlett’s story a shows how support is essential to recovery, a condition this beautiful girl provided for one another, and their parents.

These little warriors of St. Petersburg have shown us strength, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are glad for that gift.

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