Powerlifting Granny! This 81-Year-Old Is A True Inspiration For Her Amazing Spirit And Determination

Date November 12, 2018 17:24

Picking up odd hobbies is quite unlikely for elderly people. But this grandma won't be found knitting or making cookies. To your surprise, you'll meet her at the gym!

'Powerlifting' simply means enduring heavy weights. So, ultimately it's a strength sport. The whole point of this practice is just to see how strong you actually are. Competitors perform solo, lifting as much weight as they can bear. Powerlifting tournaments have three stages: The squat, the bench, and the deadlift. After these three attempts, the total weight of the load lifted contributes to the final results that decide the winner.

This is a game for the young, you might say, but an elderly woman has beaten every stereotype about old age!

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Powerlifting granny

81-year-old Willie Murphy manages to inspire everyone who crosses her path. She is 5-feet tall and weighs over 105 pounds, but she is not your average senior citizen. She is a retired social worker who took up powerlifting 7 years ago in Rochester, New York. Willie only wanted a healthy life for herself, but her spirit swayed her to a different destiny.


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Willie now holds the national records in the bench reps, strict curl, and Iron Maiden categories. Recognized by the World Natural Powerlifting Federation, she was named the WNPF Lifter of the Year in 2014. She proudly told ESPN:

Everybody is not able to power-lift. A lot of older people, they're into swimming, yoga, tai chi, various other things. But I guess I'm just unusual because I'm into natural powerlifting.


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This competitive gem can lift up to 235 lbs, which is way more than her own body mass. Everything she attempts to do is an instant record, as no one has ever done this sport at her age. In addition to this rigid and strict hobby, Willie loves to dance around in her community of powerlifters. Unbelievable, indeed!

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People's reaction

No, there is no gravitational pull on her, only a motivational one. Social media users were awestruck by her powerful take on life.

Even as a young person, do you think you could keep up with Willie's workouts? Share this and motivate your lazy, but amazing mates!

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