Twitter Users Helped This Girl Dump Her Rude Boyfriend Who Ruthlessly Fat Shamed Her And Called Her "Beer Gut"

Date October 2, 2018 10:53

The brutal world and its standards discourage us more than really boosting our self-confidence. Body-shaming has become a negative norm of the society. Making even the most beautiful women insecure. So, we are here to tell you something. Girls, love everything about yourself! 

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Effects of body-shaming on mental health

Body shaming means to be judged negatively based on the physical appearance. Generally, women are more often fat-shamed if they appear overweight. They don’t fit the ideal image of thin and slenderly beautiful.

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According to researchers at BullyingStatistics, thin-shaming is also a form of bullying. It leaves, especially teenagers, with crushed self-image and lack of confidence. They judge themselves and start hating their bad features totally ignoring their best parts. As adults, their mental state may deteriorate altogether.

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Her boyfriend mercilessly fat-shamed her

Shelby Johnson, 23, shared text messages on Twitter in which her boyfriend claimed she doesn't look like as she did when they first met. Said she has bulging 'beer belly' now. She told Health Magazine, exactly what he commented that broke her heart:

It’s not like I haven’t told you you’ve been gaining and needed to lose weight anyway. You’re definitely getting a beer gut babe.

Shelby decided to share her anxiety with her supportive Twitter followers. Her years of body image struggle and frustration! That's when the people stepped in. Made her realize she is beautiful inside out and her partner doesn't even deserve her. They were outraged by her boyfriend fat-shaming her like that.

She decided to dump him over the public's honest opinion about him. The split was tough for her as she loved him to bits. Shelby believes him to be a good person deep down but he has a lot of growing up to do. She was motivated to transform her body too but only for herself.

As a revenge, she lost a hefty amount of weight. Now, she is happy and healthy than ever. This gorgeous lady also found her true love soon enough. He seems to accept and love her in all forms.

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Followers reacted to give the jealousy burn to her ex

He is totally missing the best of her now. A partner is supposed to be careful with words and direct judgment is unbearable. Guess, all her followers agree to it! 

He might be the reason behind her stunning transformation but bullying harshly is not the way. Nonetheless, some even called this situation an overreaction.

It's possible to be loved by someone even if you don't look like a model. Be your own greatest lover and admirer. Don't forget to share if you agree!

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