Star Wars Icon Stood Up For A Tormented Boy, Who Speaks Up Against Bullying As "It's Not The Jedi Way"

Date September 13, 2018 17:08

Bullying is a terrible thing many kids have to face every day. Aiden Vasquez is one of those high-schoolers and often has terrible experinces with his tormentors. But after one time, when Aiden had to be rushed to the emergency room with severe bruises on his face and a swollen eye, he'd had enough and decided to put a stop to bullying and talk to his classmates about it.

The five-grader took the stage and told everyone about how he now has a scar on his cheek and how terrible it is to know that every day he's at a danger of getting beat up again. 

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But the line that resonated the most with kids and teachers was the one where he mentioned that bullying is "not the Jedi way," as seen on the Facebook video:

I wish and I wish everyday that kids do not get bullied anymore. It’s not the Jedi way.

The video went viral and many Star Wars fans, just like Aiden, loved the message he was trying to convey. Most surprisingly, however, is that the video reached the most famous on-screen Jedi – Mark Hamill himself.

Mark Hamill strikes back

On-screen Luke Skywalker took to Twitter and praised Aiden for his bravery and said how proud he is of his spirit.

For such a big Star Wars fan as Aiden is the best thing that could've ever happened to him. He was congratulated by the legendary Mark Hamill, and isn't a moment like this worth standing up to your bullies?

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After receiving so much support, Aiden's mom is now determined to work with her community and put a stop to bullying.

Supportive messages shared on social media

We believe that bullying can be stopped if we stop turning a blind eye on this issue. May the Force be with everyone, who works hard to make this happen.

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