Homeless Veteran Makeover: From Poverty And Alcoholism To The Bright Future

Date November 2, 2018 18:28

Unfortunately, not everyone has a house to return to after a hard working day. People can become homeless for many reasons: Depression, lack of support, desperation, loss of documents, etc. Moreover, even those people who achieved a high level and recognition can find themselves living on the street.

According to the statistics of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, around 40,000 veterans are homeless.

Homeless Veteran Makeover: From Poverty And Alcoholism To The Bright Futureflysnowfly /

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But fortunately, there is always a way out. And sometimes all such people need is just a little help and support from others. The video, created by the Degage Ministries, shows an incredible transformation of the homeless veteran.

Jim Wolf is the United States Army veteran, who had to deal with poverty, alcoholism, and homelessness. His life was not easy, but he hoped to start everything from the very beginning, and the complete makeover is the first step into the new and happy life.

Jim got a new haircut, his beard was trimmed, and he was also dressed in new stylish clothes. The result went beyond all expectations!

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Homeless Veteran Makeover: From Poverty And Alcoholism To The Bright FutureRob Bliss / YouTube

Of course, Jim Wolf changed completely. He is now scheduled to have his own housing and is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Of course, the appearance is very important and the complete transformation often means the beginning of a new life. And it doesn’t mean that you should spend too much money on it. Start with getting a nice haircut, making physical exercises, and don’t forget about hygiene. Everything is possible when one has a goal and the desire to change something in life!

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