Young Woman Presents The Couple Of Strangers With The Ceremony And Even Becomes A Guest On Their Special Day


November 13, 2018 19:37 By Fabiosa

A lot of women dream of having an ideal wedding and start the preparation in advance, as they want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, even a well-prepared wedding of a loving couple can be canceled for various reasons.

According to the study by The Wedding Report, about a quarter-million engagements don’t end in marriage.

Young Woman Presents The Couple Of Strangers With The Ceremony And Even Becomes A Guest On Their Special Dayantoniodiaz /

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This woman canceled the wedding and showed her big heart with such a brave decision.

A 24-year-old former bride-to-be from Texas, Kolbie Sanders, donated her non-refundable wedding venue to a bride she never met.

As a result, the 22-year-old Halie Hipsher and her husband-to-be, Matt Jones, had an opportunity to tie the knot and spend the best day of their lives in a wonderful place on October 20th, the day when Kolbie was planning to get married.

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Kolbie broke off her engagement but couldn't get her money back from Belle Vue Wedding and Event Venue, where her ceremony was about to happen.

So, she decided to make a post on Facebook, looking for a couple that needed a venue for their wedding. She asked to send her love stories and write why their couple should be the one to receive such an incredible gift.

Kolbie became a guest at the winner's wedding ceremony, and she was really happy for them. She was not thinking about her failed marriage, all she was thinking is about this couple, who had an opportunity to create a family on this special day. Her smile was truly sincere, and maybe it felt so good to feel that she contributed to the organization of such a wonderful ceremony of love.

Kolbie’s generous act helped another couple to create a family. What a strong and open-hearted woman she is!

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