Woman Born With A Large Stain On Her Face Transforms Her Flaw Into A Stunning Beauty Accessory With Easy-To-Follow Steps On YouTube

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She was bullied as a child

Billiot is now a social media star and she has shared childhood experiences of getting bullied and ostracised on her channel.


Here’s to the not so glamorous part of having a birthmark. I have to go through this about every 5 years. I got a laser surgery yesterday to help calm the raised and thicken portion of my birthmark. This was the first time that I was awake for the procedure and didn’t do my full birthmark. It was painful and the recovery isn’t that much better. I wanted to post this because I don’t think we show enough of the maintenance side of what we all go through with our differences and disorders. It’s not always outlining with fun colors and dipping half my face with glitter. Areas of my birthmark thicken and raise overtime making ear piercings impossible and scarring extremely easy. It bleeds a lot more and becomes swollen. After a treatment it turns dark purple, swells, and has a constant burning sensation. I have to keep my head elevated even when I sleep which is very uncomfortable, constantly ice it, and keep it moisturized. It takes about 2 weeks to recover from a laser treatment and that’s if it doesn’t blister and scar on top of that. I’ve had these lasers since I was about 1 year old and will probably have to have them for the rest of my life. At least when I go out like this I tend to get free shit because everyone feels bad when I tell them I got into a bar fight.

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Kids in her school used to keep their distance because they 'feared' that the birthmark was somehow contagious.

Now, she is over it and is all about embracing herself and enhancing what makes us different, because different is not wrong.

Makeup is not a necessity

The body positivity advocate is not a fan of using makeup to hide her birthmark.

I don't think makeup should be a necessity. It should be comfortable in your own skin.

To spread the message, Billiot runs a platform, Flawless Affect, where people can embrace their flaws.

She wants to turn society’s interpretation of a flaw upside down. And she has inspired people to stop hiding their flaws simply because they are afraid of what people will say.

Her mission is to make self-acceptance the master key to true beauty, one gorgeous photo at a time. Well done!

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