Amazing! Senior Woman Gets A Mind-Blowing Makeover That Erases 10 Years Off Her Face


November 9, 2018 14:40 By Fabiosa

When we watch an ad for a new skincare or makeup product directed towards women over 50, we usually see the product being presented by a young woman or an actress with perfect skin that has no sight of wrinkles. There is still a stigma surrounding age, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Amazing! Senior Woman Gets A Mind-Blowing Makeover That Erases 10 Years Off Her Facegpointstudio /

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Women are beautiful at all ages. Makeup companies should consider using older ladies in their ads instead of making them disappear as soon as they cross the 50 mark. This incredible transformation shows that cleverly used makeup products can enhance any face and turn women of all ages into models.

Age-erasing makeover

Not many people have heard the name Anar Agakishiev. But we feel like if he continues doing what he does, that situation will quickly change. Agakishiev is a professional makeup artist from Baku, Azerbaijan, and he has started gaining popularity on social media after posting incredible makeup transformations of senior women.

The 32-year-old proved that older ladies can use makeup, too, and look fabulous with it. Agakishiev's mind-blowing makeovers are particularly notable because somehow they make his clients look years younger. The makeup wizard banishes wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles, completely changing the looks of even the most senior complexions. And this recent makeover proves just how talented he is.


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Wow, we are blown away! Isn’t it incredible?

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Makeup tips for older women


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These simple tips will bring back the wonders of makeup into your life and help you to enhance your natural beauty.

  • use a primer – it will help to prolong the wear of foundation and add an extra glow;
  • choose the right foundation – go for lighter coverage and a creamy formula;
  • put a concealer at the right place – apply it on the top of your cheekbone and not under the eye, as it will reflect up and hide dark circles;
  • add some sparkle – use cream to powder eyeshadows in light shimmery shades;
  • make your cheeks pop – use cream blush because it will blend more easily, and apply it lower on the apple of your cheek;
  • apply lip liner – make your lips naturally fuller by using a lip liner on the outer edge of your lip, not inside the lip line.

And voilà! You should never underestimate the power of correctly done makeup.

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