Forever And Always: Couple Married For 71 Years Passed Away On The Same Day, Just 12 Hours Apart

Date July 18, 2019 15:28

While it may sound like something out of a fantasy romance novel, eternal love can be a very real thing. It’s a love so powerful that nothing in the world can stop the strong feelings that two people have for each other. Some people even refer to it as love so strong that it’s still there even after death.

Forever And Always: Couple Married For 71 Years Passed Away On The Same Day, Just 12 Hours Apartgoodluz /

And it seems that Herbert and Frances Delaigle from Georgia found it!

After more than 70 years together, Herbert and Frances died on the same day, just 12 hours apart. But this isn't a story about death, it's a story about life and love.

The couple met when Frances was just 16 years old and Herbert was 22.

"Frances worked at a little cafe we had in Waynesboro named White Way Cafe,"

- Herbert told WRDW in 2018.

"I kept seeing her going in and out, in and out, and I had my eyes set on her. And then I finally got up the nerve to ask her if she would go out with me sometime.

Then one year after their first date, Herbert popped the question.

Frances said her husband always kept her laughing through life. They've also held hands for most of their lives, the couple said.

Their couple's 6 children shared that their parent's love story truly inspired them.

Herbert died at 2:20 a.m. and Frances died exactly 12 hours later at 2:20 p.m on the 12th of July, 2019.

"It's amazing how they were together for 71 years and now they are together in Heaven. What an amazing love story that is,"

the Delaigle family said.

On their 70th anniversary, the couple revealed their secret to a long marriage. Frances said:

"He was always loving, patient and good hearted,"

Herbert admitted the secret is to "show your love" and always be there for each other, holding hands and supporting no matter what life brings to you.

These two increadible people showed the world that everlasting love is not just a Hollywood hoax. Find your balance and belive that there is someone waiting for you to spend the life together.