Woman Was Soon Turning The Big 6-0 & Desperately Wanted A Style Upgrade: She Got Served With A Stunning Makeover

Date August 30, 2019 17:09

Affectionately known as The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins is a cyber-star, author, and appearance aficionado. Since the 90s, he's been applauded for his makeover wonders and life-changing beauty tips. Getting treated by him is every woman's unspoken dream.

In 2003, the style guru penned Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45. For over a decade, it has remained among the top ten best-selling self-care books on Amazon. His guidelines teach ladies how to command attention by looking and feeling great.

Birthday transformation

A lady named Linda came to Christopher's studio from Omaha, Nebraska to get an outlook upgrade. She was soon to turn the big 6-0 and desperately needed a change.

The woman was trying to find a hairstyle that best-suited her facial shape and personality. And oh boy, she got served!

Hopkins morphed her poorly chopped locks into a masterpiece. Linda fell in love with her new look. The video also featured her reaction. She exclaimed with surprise and confidence:

I feel sassy, spunky and fun.

Do it yourself

We've got you covered if you live miles away from Christopher's salon. The youth can also be revived by a few clothing choices. Opting for the right color makes a huge difference. Pungent hues and form-fitted outfits are a no-go. Unless you are Kim Kardashian.

Try not to wear old-fashioned shoes and accessories. Move with the trend, girl.

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