"Guardian Angel" Jermaine Gresham Appeared Just In Time And Saved The Desperate Woman At The Airport

Date November 19, 2018

$50 can make a person feel happy and even unbelievably popular. That is what Delilah Cassidy experienced when she was about to miss her plane home. The fee for her luggage was paid by a stranger who turned out to be a celebrity athlete.

Delilah Cassidy was boarding a plane, heading back home, when she heard a new ridiculous policy from American Airlines in order to take your luggage with you, it is necessary to pay the certain sum for the bag. She managed to pack all her belongings into one suitcase that turned out to be too big.

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The desk accepted only credit cards and Delilah had all of them blocked as she just came back from Europe. Desperate and furious she was ready to return to the ticket desk to find the solution.

Suddenly, she witnessed a real miracle and understood there are angels on the Earth:

Then, this man walks up and says ‘How much is it?’ They tell him $50, and he says ‘I got it.'

Everybody was astonished. The man smiled, wished Delilah good flight and left. Cassidy met him later in the first class and tried to return him money in cash, but the man smiled again and rejected.

Later, when the woman’s photo with a good Samaritan gathered 40,000 likes, Delilah found out the man turned out to be Arizona Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham.

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Wow! That is an absolutely amazing act of help. Those $50 didn’t change much for the athlete, however, Cassidy received a relief of avoiding the need to wait for another flight and got tons of emotions for the unexpected help.


That is amazing that still there are conscious people ready to help anyone in need.

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