Model With A Rare Genetic Disorder Nailed The Fashion World, And Not Only This World

Date June 7, 2018

Melanie Gaydos, a model with a rare genetic disorder, proved that everything is possible. Despite the serious disease, she managed to become a new icon in the fashion industry. She breaks all barriers and inspires other people to reach their goals!

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Melanie was born with the genetic disorder called “Ectodermal Dysplasia.” This condition prevents teeth, nails, pores, cartilage, and bones from developing in a proper way. But it didn’t stop the woman from achieving great results in the fashion career.

Such models as Melanie change the beauty standards and show that all people are beautiful in their own way. She transformed the modeling industry and inspires others to do it as well. Don’t be shy to show that you are different!

She has already worked with various popular fashion brands. One of her recent works is a photoshoot with legendary photographer Tim Walker for ID magazine.

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Melanie is an active Instagram user and likes to share her beautiful photos with subscribers.

Thank you, Melanie Gaydos, for inspiring others and showing that everything is possible despite all hardships!

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