Memorial Day Heroes: Seattle Man Teamed Up With Friends To Clean Thousands Of Veterans' Headstones

Date May 28, 2018

A man from Seatle, Jordan Houghton, has received deserved recognition for his act of service in honor of American military veterans.

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Silent heros

Houghton, a veteran himself, chose to clean the headstones of his fellow servicemen who died in the line of duty in time for Memorial Day. He picked the veterans section of the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery.

He did not carry of the act of service alone. His team from the American Legion Post 206 have cleaned more than 1000 headstones so far, and they are intent on cleaning even more.

How Houghton honors forgotten veterans

Houghton has spent time getting to know the slain memorialized by each headstone and, on special occasions, their family.

He believes that both the memories of these American heroes who have passed on and the memorial in their honor should be remembered.

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A good number of the headstones at the specific cemetery off Highway 99 belong to veterans who died in long forgotten wars, and they have been subject to years of wear and tears from dust, rain, and sunshine.

Why it is important

Memorial Day is set aside for American soldiers who died in the line of duty. It is expected on this day, the last Monday of May, the country's flag is flown at half staff. More so, people are expected to visit memorials of the slain and pay their respects. 

Houghton's act of service is especially remarkable because it is expected that it would encourage more people to visit this particular cemetery to honor slain American veterans.

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