Not All Heroes Wear Capes! D.C. Firefighters Save Trapped Animals From A Burning Building

Date June 12, 2018

Firefighters in Washington D.C. have rescued a dog and cat from the basement of a burning building.

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Firefighters to the rescue

The dog and cat named Sheeba and Mousie respecitively were trapped in a rowhouse on the 500 block of 23rd Place NE and rescued by the enterprising officers at the fire department on Sunday.

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They kept the public updated on their good work and said they used oxygen masks meant for animals to stabilize Sheeba and Mousie.

Good work

Afterwards the animals were handed over to Humane Rescue Alliance for further care. Sheeba was not in a bad shape and got to go home with her owners almost immediately.

Mousie, however, needed further care from the Human Rescue Alliance team and was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the fire department informed their followers that one other cat did not make it.

Well done to the team!

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