Kind Heart! Woman Has Been Gathering Bottles For 21 Years To Donate Them For Cancer Charity And The Amount Of Money Is Jaw Dropping

Date October 12, 2018 17:07

We heard many times people saying how much they are eager to help somebody, but somehow they can't. Well, without any judging, it might be true. However, when we read other stories involving simple people donating money, we shiver.

Frankly speaking, it's not about how much you earn, but about the ways you try to find to give a piece of your heart to help individuals in their hardships.

A woman with the golden heart

Gia Tran, who lives in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, has been gathering bottles and cans for 21 years for one reason: to donate money to the B.C. Cancer Foundation. Tran does not give the whole amount of cash at once, only part by part. Now and then it can be $10, sometimes more or less. She enters the B.C. Cancer Foundation with a smile from cheek to cheek and cute laughter.

I love everybody here, and I want to help people.

A while ago, the Foundation intended to estimate all Gia's donations within 2 decades, and they were shocked: the kind-hearted woman contributed roughly $15.000. Can you imagine in this eagerness to help people in need?

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Tran's children try to slow her down, but she doesn't listen to anyone and continue looking for appropriate cans and bottles.

No, I go. I want to help people. I want to go to the hospital — cancer. I help people.

The woman's heart is so innocent that she still doesn't care about anyone's opinions. We are quite confident that someone may judge her for searching cans in the rubbish bans, but Gia doesn't pay attention, because she does what she wants. 

Sometimes bus drivers don't let her go inside due to her large bags full of bottles; instead, she walks on her own to exchange 'materials' to run to the B.C. Cancer Foundation. 

Sarah Roth, a chief executive of the Foundation, sincerely states:

No matter what kind of day you're having, when Gia comes in, you forget about it and you just focus on her warmth and her laughter and her true benevolence.

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The kindness never goes unnoticed

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The American Cancer Society is in fiscality charge of supporters and donors, who help a plethora of people suffering from specific illnesses. You can donate money, securities or other property. It's quite simple to donate in honor or memory of somebody. A person just needs to fill in the donation form in the gift section, and later an honoree will receive a notification of your kindness.

The most crucial is that the family doesn't know the donation, the donator, and other details, which are kept confidentially.

The American Cancer Society acknowledges that the monthly donation (the email: is the best option.

Montly donation is simply the best cancer-fighting investment that you can make – it’s the most effective and manageable way you can support our efforts to minimize suffering from cancer.

For all other donation or general questions, you can give a call 1-800-227-2345 (the USA). 

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Being generous should be the top priority in everyone's life. We believe that kindness will never fade away because it comes from the soul.

Take a look at Gia Tran's nobility! Hurry up to spread goodness across the globe!

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