Supermom To The Rescue! Pregnant Woman Saves Her Husband By Doing CPR At The 39th Week Of Gestation

Date October 30, 2018 18:12

Pregnancy, perhaps, is the most complicated woman's state due to multiple factors. The last months of gestation characterize with anxiety, mood swings, depression, insecurities,  fear, weepiness, forgetfulness, body image issues, etc. 

Supermom To The Rescue! Pregnant Woman Saves Her Husband By Doing CPR At The 39th Week Of GestationSAYAN MOONGKLANG /

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Dr. Mary Kimmel concedes that these changes happen under hormonal instability. Women can feel either overjoy or complete apathy, and there's no specific decision to control it since hormones aren't something easy.

Pregnancy is a huge transition in a woman's life, and it involves a complex mix of emotions, both good and bad. At a biological level, the hormones estrogen and progesterone are ramping up.

Supermom To The Rescue! Pregnant Woman Saves Her Husband By Doing CPR At The 39th Week Of GestationPregnant woman with STDDragana Gordic /

Cheers to a saved life!

A pregnant woman, Ashley Goette, with 39 weeks of gestation, called 911 to seek help - her husband, Andrew, wasn't breathing. The operator told her to pull him down on the floor, but logically, she couldn't do it over her huge bump. 

However, she found the solution on her own. Without any appropriate knowledge, she began doing CPR under 911 operator's instructions. Indeed, when you are in a shocking situation, somehow instincts and intuitions hint on what needs to be done. 

Later, Andrew was taken to the hospital in coma, though he woke up on the next day - all bright and alive. Since Ashley was about to give birth, her school sweetheart asked the doctor to put him in her room with beds side by side, so they could be together before welcoming baby Lennon to the world. 

Ashley, Andrew, and their offspring are doing great and enjoying their happy days altogether. 

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Happy parents - happy world!

This story is so inspiring that people from every corner of the world sent their wishes, prayers, and congratulations on both saving Andrew's life and giving birth to a healthy, beautiful baby. 

Laura Arnette: Wow that's incredible! I'm very glad all three were safe but dang what a way to induce labor lol. Sending healing prayers to you all may you make a full recovery!

Shweta Official: God bless....So happy for you three!💕💕💕

Na na Smith: Wow mommy and baby helped. When two lives in one body saves another. How blessed are they to have each other.

Annete Jones:  Wow!....Just WOW!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


This is unbelievable! They are so great together, and thank God, Ashley woke up that night and saved his other half's life. Now they can enjoy their little son and be finally happy! Congrats, the Goettes!

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