Batkid Has Defeated Cancer! The Huge Star Who Got A Shout-Out From Barack Obama Is Cured

Date November 19, 2018 16:48

Miles Scott became the hero of his dreams on November 15, 2013. The little boy had battled cancer, a condition of lymphoblastic leukemia, since he was 1. The Make-A-Wish Foundation tackled his request to be a superhero for one day in his expectedly short life.


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Thousands of supporters, city officials, businesses, and police volunteers pitched in to turn San Francisco into Gotham City.  The comic fictional city was one of the largest and quickest fundraising projects ever staged. It was quite spectacular!


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His superhero name was Batkid and he played different scenarios throughout the event. At the end of this awareness ceremony, former Mayor Ed Lee gave Miles a key to the city. This charming boy helped inspire people to donate almost $105,000, which was distributed to numerous charities across the country. Batkid saved more than just Gotham City, receiving appreciation from former President Barack Obama.

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Miles is cancer-free now

After battling cancer for 5 years and becoming a global star for hope, Batkid has beaten the morbid disease. Little Mr. Scott is now 10 years-old and studies in the fifth grade. His interests are centered on science and robotics. Miles still has to visit his oncologist once a year, but he is in remission from leukemia after many long painful years.


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San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy was excited to see him thriving and healthy againm, as he told Fox:

He was such an inspiration and brought a community together around his willpower, courage, and joy for life.


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The right wish at the right time touched so many hearts. People are delighted to find out that this hero was able to save his own life, as well. Way to go, Miles! 

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Batkid The Movie


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The documentary Batkid Begins gives a peek inside the 2013 Make-A-Wish event. It debuts Miles's true-life story and struggles and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The film also shows the extraordinary venture that turned 5-year-old Miles into Batman and San Francisco into Gotham City. It's a process of healing that captured the nation’s attention and hearts forever.

Don't forget to watch this movie, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Share this and send Batkid on his journey to inspire others!

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