Saved By A Note: This Woman Was Contemplating Suicide But Changed Her Mind After Seeing Many Kind Words

Date August 23, 2018 16:36

A 49-year-old woman drove along M60 in Manchester on a Sunday, contemplating the drudgery of her life. For nine years, she battled depression and anxiety. This particular day, she was considering ending her misery by committing suicide.

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Life-saving notes

In a twist of fate, the woman saw hundreds of messages dangling from motorway bridges, and that was all the motivation she needed to reconsider taking her own life. Volunteers from Bridge the Gap campaign handwrite notes showing support, and hang them so anyone in a sad situation can read and be encouraged.

The woman later sent a message to the founder of the project, expressing her gratitude to the cause and volunteers:

It seemed as though every bridge I drove under had your signs, and it made me carry on driving without coming off the motorway, then eventually going home to my partner and one-year-old little boy.

Without the notes, it is likely the woman would have committed suicide, leaving behind her partner and young son. Although she begged to remain anonymous, her story is still a big motivation to many who are in similar situations.

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Bridge the Gap

Lisa Barnes started Bridge the Gap in 2017. The mother-of-two had her own struggle with depression and almost took her life in May 2017, standing on a railway bridge in Tameside. With her dark past behind her, she is working hard to help other people find the strength to live.

Bridge the Gap is running a fundraiser to produce permanent signs on bridges. Launched in June, the organization has decorated their first bridge across M67 on Halton Street, Hyd. This particular bridge is as a hotspot for suicide attempts.

Bridge the Gap also reaches out to people via Facebook and enjoys a ton of support from volunteers and concerned individuals.

Mental health is still a big problem around the world and for many people facing depression, having a support system can work wonders. Sometimes, all it takes is a kind word and maybe a hug to save a life.

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