Passionate Chicago Teacher Goes Viral After A Stranger Gives Her A Wad Of Cash On A Southwest Flight

Date July 26, 2018 12:46

Early last month, a Chicago-based teacher Kimber Bermudez was heading home on a Southwest flight when a man beside her engaged in conversation with her. He asked about her job and Bermudez spent a while talking about it.

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When asked about her major challenge being a teacher, Bermudez revealed that lack of funds was a big problem, seeing as she worked in a low-income school. Still, she made it clear that she was passionate about doing all she could to help her students.

Moved by Bermudez’s emotional story, the stranger revealed he worked for a company that donates items to kids in need. He collected her number and said he would contact her. Suddenly, the man behind Bermudez jumped into the conversation and did the most amazing thing.

After apologizing for listening in, he gave her a big wad of cash and told her to “do something amazing” with it. Two other passengers, who were also touched by Bermudez’s passionate story, also chipped in. Later on, Bermudez discovered the first stranger had given her a whopping $500!

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Bermudez shared her heartwarming experience on Facebook and people are amazed at the outpouring of love. The teacher did not appeal to anyone for money but clearly, they all were convinced that she was well-intentioned.

Her story is going viral and Facebook followers have shared it over 26k times with more than 80k reactions and 7k comments. Teachers are one of the most underappreciated workers in the world, in spite of the immense responsibility they bear of molding minds for the future.

Thankfully, Bermudez’s story reminds us that some people still try to support teachers and students in their quest to ensure that every young person stays in school and gets a good education, no matter their situation or income.

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