Cop Loving: Kind Police Officer Returns To See 8 Children He Snatched From A Building On Fire

Date August 31, 2018 14:00

On Sunday, August 26, officer Samuel Algarin, a 14-year veteran of the Rochester NYPD rescued eight children who were trapped on the roof of a burning building. Thankfully, all of them survived the incident. On Wednesday, the officer had the opportunity to meet the kids.

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Recounting the incident, the children’s mother said kids might not have survived if the brave officer did not step in.

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This is not the first time officer Algarin has come to the aid of helpless civilians. Earlier in April, Officers Samuel Algarin and Curtis St. Germain were responding to a medical call at about 8:18 pm when they noticed an elderly couple in a parked car looking confused.

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The man was on the phone and speaking with his grandson. Apparently, the couple had gotten lost. Algarin kindly asked to speak with the grandson and discovered the couple lived in Dayville, Connecticut, about 60 miles from New Bedford. Algarin then took over the wheel and drove the couple to Station 3 from where the family of the elderly couple came to pick them.

Every day, brave police officers like Algarin risk their lives to save others. In 1997, Officer James Poole pulled a 5-year-old boy out of a hotel pool, saving him from drowning. In 2016, Chris Jones, now 24-years-old, organized a surprise visit to the officer after seeing a picture of him on Facebook. The duo had a touching reunion that was staged as a normal interview.

In a time when members of the public are concerned about unfair treatment from the police, stories like these are reminders that the police is still full of regular people who care about others, no matter the situation.

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