"My Guardian Angel": Man Saved By A Firefighter 20 Years Ago Finally Gets To Thank His Rescuer

Date August 6, 2018 18:02

Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to put out fires and save lives. It is a very demanding job that only so many people around the world are open to taking. In Britain alone, firefighters rescued over 38,000 people in 2014. Sadly, about 14 firefighters have died on the job between 2003 and 2013.


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While firefighting may seem like a risky and thankless job, some people owe their lives to firefighters and are very grateful. Take Hanna Sahourieh for example. On July 7th 1988, Sahourieh was involved in a motor accident and got pinned down in his truck that flipped several times. Firefighter Dan Montelongo was one of the first responders on the scene.

According to Sahourieh, Montelongo immediately jumped into the car and did all he could to keep him calm. He also performed CPR on two occasions on Sahourieh who died twice while waiting for an ambulance.

Paramedics rushed Sahourieh to the hospital where doctors were able to stabilize him after subjecting him to emergency brain surgery. Thankfully, he survived the operation. Twenty years later, Sahourieh was able to get Montelongo’s phone number, he asked for a meet, and Montelongo obliged.

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Man, this was an emotional visit but we had so much fun and I’m glad my wife and kids met the person who saved my life.Mr. Montelongo I can’t thank you enough. To my guardian angel. I love you.

Montelongo drove all the way from Placerville to meet with Sahourieh and his family and it was a heartwarming moment. Everyone was happy to see the man who saved his life. Montelongo even mentioned that he specifically asked the ambulance to take Sahourieh to the General Hospital where he would receive the best of care.

Sahourieh has a scar on his head that reminds him of the surgery, but he sees it as a testimony of his miraculous survival.

People may look at it as a nasty scar. I see it at a blessing 2nd chance at life.


Firefighters go through a lot of training on how to combat fires, what to look out for in emergencies, and most importantly, how to handle people in such emergencies. With the high physical and emotional demands put on their shoulders, stories like Sahourieh’s are a reminder of how much people appreciate the efforts of firefighters.

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