Twice Saved: One Couple Received A Double Miracle From Firefighters And EMTs After A Heart Attack


August 6, 2018 09:26 By Fabiosa

At 2009, heart disease was the leading cause of death among people in America. About 735,000 people in the country suffer heart attacks every year, and approximately 610,000 eventually die. That comes down to about 1 in 4 deaths.

Chest pain, upper body discomfort, and shortness of breath are some of the most recognizable signs of a heart attack, but many people who have not experienced heart attacks before often mistake it for less serious conditions.

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Last month, Melissa Ann Work and her husband Gene Work were laying some sod with the help from her brother-in-law, Mark Rucco, when her husband suffered a massive heart attack.

Life's little miracles

Thankfully, Gene was rushed to hospital in time, while his wife and brother stayed back to finish laying the sod. Not long after, the sweetest thing happened. Mark saw the ambulance and fire truck returning to the work site.

At first, he thought that paramedics just came to check on him, but the men jumped out of their trucks with gloves and said they came to help Mark finish laying all the sod. Little did they know that that simple action was the miracle the Works did not know was coming.

Melissa said her husband was quite worried about the sod dying while suffering the heart attack. They had no idea that the kind paramedics and firefighters would return to help. The 7 firefighters and EMTs were able to lay the sod in good time and none went to waste.

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Passing it on

Melissa shared her story on Facebook and thanked everyone who helped her and her husband. She shared this post with the names of all the men who helped save her husband’s life and pitched in to save the sod as well.

First response for heart attack cases

Heart attacks can be scary, not just for people suffering it but also for anyone around at the time. Knowing what to do in such a situation could spell the difference between life and death. For starters, try to keep the patient comfortable, preferably in a half-sitting position with ample head support.

For conscious patients, a 300 milligrams of aspirin can help break down blood clots. Have the patient chew it slowly, so the tablet dissolves. For unconscious patients, only perform CPR if you are qualified to. Immediately call emergency services and make sure the sufferer is not crowded by onlookers.

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