Sweet Karma! Hardworking Boy Gets Over $40,000 From Fundraiser After Woman Calls The Cops On Him

Date November 19, 2018

Being a kid in America can be a lot of fun and even more so because there are several opportunities children can take advantage of to earn themselves some money. Most people are used to the familiar sight of children selling lemonade but there is a world of options for children to earn.

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Getting an allowance from house chores, running errands, babysitting and even mowing lawns in the neighborhood are other great ways to make some change. These jobs do not have to be done full time, but children can take off some of a load of spending from their parents. Besides that, it teaches children the value of hard work and makes them more responsible.

ABC News / YouTube

12-year-old Reggie Field started a lawn mowing business called Mr. Reggie Lawn Cutting Service this summer and was popular in his neighborhood but one day, he got into a bit of a bind. ABC reports that Field was lawing when one neighbor called the police on him.

According to the neighbor’s story, Field cut grass on the wrong property. It turns out the neighbors had a history of squabbles. On arrival, the police spoke to the two neighbors and urged them to remain calm. Meanwhile, Field apologized for his error and eventually finished mowing the lawn.

Later on, Lucille Holt Colden, the woman who engaged Field, shared the video online and the reactions she got were priceless. Many people were amazed at how hard working Field was and wanted to contribute to his business.

ABC News / YouTube

One member of the community even donated lawn-mowing equipment to Field and taught him and his crew how to use it. Meanwhile, Colden started a fundraising page for Field and so far, the account has raised over $48k with an initial target of $1k.

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The issue of racism came up again with Field’s story as it turns out the neighbor who called the police is white. In recent months, there have been several incidents of black people having the police called on them by white people. In most cases, the reasons are quite frivolous.

Field is still an ordinary kid. Like his friends, he loves to play basketball and says that his lawn-mowing business is a great way to stay out of trouble. In addition, he has big dreams to expand the business in the future.

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