Her Moves To 'Uptown Funk' Are Goals! 60-Years-Old School Teacher Brought Some Serious Competition To The Dance Floor


October 8, 2018 16:58 By Fabiosa

Dancing is considered to be a feat of the young. Oldies are just watchers, right? But be ready to get your mind blown. This 60-year-old woman is sending out some real dance goals your way. Try to keep up!

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Dancing is backed up by science

As advocated by Sunrise Senior Living, dancing can be the key to a flourishing health in senior people. Here's how:

  1. Moving to your favorite melodies can ultimately save your joint, say bye to stiffness.
  2. Ballroom dancing can improve balance and serve harmony for many years to come.
  3. Basic cognitive functions keep getting momentum and may keep dementia at bay.

Researchers have concluded that dancing is the only physical activity that has a connection with health in later years. Get those dancing shoes on now, will ya?

The 60-year-old woman with killer moves

Canadian high school teacher, Shirley Clements, performed with her students at a hip-hop competition. It's true, age is nothing but a number. The energy surge that she waved through the stage was too damn high! Can you handle it?

The funkiest Uptown Funk dance routine, made the audience go wild. She epically joined her students one last time as she is to retire this year. She has left quite an impressive mark of her talent behind!

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A woman following her steps

Another 60-year-old mom took the challenge up the sleeve by joining her daughters. They are cool and are no longer old-school. So now, bring it on ladies! 

The casual swirling to music with this lightness is contagious. Shirley's hip-hop jig has awakened a groovy dance mood among older ladies trying to join the same squad. 

Don't forget to share and maybe practice some of these moves yourself!

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