Mother-Daughter Duo Took An Unbelievable Weight-Loss Challenge And Shed A Hefty 74 Lb Of Stubborn Fat In 100 Days Together

Date October 4, 2018 18:43

One plus one is eleven when it comes to partnerships in a shared activity. We will prove this statement to you very shortly!

Benefits of having a workout partner

Perks of working out with a partner and having a similar weight-loss goal, are endless.

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As BulkPowders suggests:

  • workouts will be fun with a gym partner as we all know how boring it can get when it comes to exercising alone;
  • you will have a healthy competition, yeah, make your partner a sore loser over squats;
  • you will quit a lot less if your partner keeps pushing you towards the dreadful gym. why? cause dude we are in this together;
  • you both will be able to afford a trainer as well, half & half;
  • there will be less risk of injury, as partners don't let you do anything stupid; alone, wink;
  • you reach your fitness goals way faster cause you both will be keeping track of each other's performance.

Bet you are thinking of someone joining the gym marathon with you right now!

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Mother and her daughter lost weight together

Cheryl Shaw, a 50-year old single mom of two kids, regularly worked 12-hour shifts in the ER. So, Tessa, her 17-year old daughter lived off junk food as her mum didn't have enough time. Both were obese and unsatisfied with their overall body image. Their weight was 256 lbs for mom and 181 lbs for daughter.

The duo from New Jersey sturdily decided to take the Giveit100 challenge after watching a viral video, 100 days at the gym. As daughters follow their mothers' habits, they had to do it together.

It was so heartbreaking for Cheryl to see her daughter be as critically fat as her. She wanted a different life for her. A life in which Tessa feels herself to be perfect!

Their journey of 100 days doing intense workouts was tough but also fun. They supported and uplifted each other. Finally, the miraculous results came. They lost 74 pounds of unhealthy fat together, burning and turning it into muscle mass.

Their endurance is admirable. Such an inspiration!

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They are sticking to the healthy lifestyle

They continued their path to health beyond those 100 days and are not backing down. The mother and her beautiful daughter revealed their true emotions about the transformation in a recent interview. It really changed their perception and got them addicted to staying fit and toned.

People reacted positively at their stunning coherence to gym partnership as well. And they did not hold back the supportive remarks!

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