They Made Their Father Cry With The Most Emotional Surprise Ever, After His Selfless Sacrifice To Keep Their Mom Alive


September 24, 2018 14:57 By Fabiosa

When Wesley Ryan's wife became sick with ovarian cancer about 17 years ago, he sacrificed something that was very important to him and the family to make sure she did not die.

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He never expected to see it again

This 'important thing' – a white 1993 mustang car named Christine – has been with the family for years. In this special car, he has taken his son, Jake, to countless softball games. And this was the car that brought his newborn daughter, Jeni, from the hospital.

After his wife's diagnosis, he knew he had to sell the car to pay her bill. It broke his heart to say goodbye and he never expected to see the vehicle again.

They made Wesley cry

But days ago, he got the surprise of his life. His son secretly found the car on Craigslist and teamed up with his sister and her boyfriend to get it back.

Their surprise was special because their mom had been cancer-free for 13 years. But it was also bittersweet for Wesley because he's just lost his mom.

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Jeni and her mom tricked the selfless Welsey to a park where they blindfolded him, and then Jack drove in with the Mustang playing the Zac Brown Band’s song, My Old Man. They made Wesley cry. 

Another heartwarming surprise

Like Jeni and Jack, another young man pulled off a surprise for his father after making a promise to buy him his dream car, a blue/green old Mustang, years ago.

He surprised his father with a 1966 Ford Mustang when he wasn't expecting it at all. See the video for the man's reaction. Awww!

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