Online Friendship Becomes A Real-Life Bond After Gaming Friends Pay An Emotional Visit To Their Buddy Who's Got Terminal Cancer

Date October 4, 2018

Joe Manghan's relationship with his gaming friends is going viral because of the extraordinary way they have chosen to make their bond transcend the world.

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He's got terminal cancer

It all started after he was diagnosed for a second time with Ewing's sarcoma. When Manghan began to play video games online, he was probably not looking to make meaningful friendships with the gaming buddies he met from different states in the U.S. and Canada, but that's exactly what happened.

He was first diagnosed with this rare form of cancer in 2014, just fresh out of high school. Now 23, his sarcoma had become terminal. According to his mom, her boy has not been home since he first went in for an MRI scan.

The emotional visit that's got the world talking

And so, it came as a pleasant surprise when his friends decided to drop by for a visit at the hospice where he was receiving care. Liam and David flew in from Canada. They met up with Doug in Ohio, Another friend Josh drove all the way from Oklahoma and together they drove up to Pennsylvania to pick up the 5th member of the group, Wyatt.

One of the dudes from Canada, David, said a lot of money went into planning their trip to New Jersey where they had to book a room while they visited Manghan and played games with him. But it was all worth it. People are touched by their incredible story.

Most people are uncertain what to do when friends get sick with cancer and avoid what they imagine would be an awkward new relationship by staying away. But, experts say keeping emotional connections going is important. Visit, keep in touch online if they'd rather not have visitors in person and when possible do fun activities together.

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