29-Year-Old Atlanta Twin Girls Made A Big Decision To Transition Together: See What They Look Like Then And Now


September 27, 2018 15:44 By Fabiosa

Angel and Fabian Griffin are twins with an extraordinary connection and story. Born female, in the 20s, they made a dramatic decision to transition into men. But their story is not unusual.


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Why they made the big decision together

Both are 29 now, the aspiring Atlanta rappers belong to an estimated 1 million Americans, mostly young people, who have made the big decision to switch their genders.


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And, the twins who ride trucks for a living while they pursue their rap careers say they knew from childhood that something was off about them. They weren't just girls who had crushes on other girls, they hated dressing as girls.

Did their family accept them?

In simple scientific terms, they were born with gender identities different from the sex they were assigned at birth. And it wasn't long before they understood that what they were feeling was gender dysphoria.

According to their mom, her daughters enjoyed only specific kinds of sporting activities like basketball. She says accepting their transition was difficult for her but love triumphed any discomfort she felt initially.


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And Angel's son Carlos Griffin, had in his teens before he transitioned, says he fully accepts his parent's decision.

Angel and Fabian aren't the only twins who have a transition story to tell. Like them, New Orleans twins, Jada Tahiry and Branden Miguel, were previously born boys.

But, in 2015, Tahiry made a decision to become female and live in her truth. Thoughts?

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