She's A Hero! Brave 6-Year-Old Made A Smart Decision That Saved The Life Of Her Diabetic Great-Grandma

Date September 24, 2018

A 6-year-old girl has been named a local hero and presented with a state-wide honor after she saved the life of her great-grandma.

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6-year-old hero

Tamonyi Dixon's journey to state-wide recognition began in October 2017 when her 71-year-old great-grandma, Dorothy Phillips, passed out while they were alone together.

She knew exactly what to do and immediately called their church pastor who sent for 911 dispatch. When they got there, Tamonyi gave the officials the necessary information to help her diabetic great granny.

She got a medal of honor

Speaking with CBS Local after she got a 2018 911 Local Heroes Medal of Honor from the California Office of Emergency Services, the schoolgirl said:

I go to a Catholic school. That school teaches me so much. If grandma would have passed out and I wasn’t in that school, I wouldn’t have known.

Her ability to think and act fast was the difference between life and death for her great-grandma.

And when she got the medal, a now healthy Dorothy Phillips was right by her side. Needless to say, people are in awe of the little girl's bravery.  One YouTube commenter said aptly,

She has a light in her soul and love.

Kudos to her!

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