Gigantic Halloween Vibe! Man Grew The Largest Pumpkin In The State From $500 Seeds, Can He Make His Money Back On 1500 Pounds Giant?


October 25, 2018 12:45 By Fabiosa

Breaking News!!!

A scary looking 1500-pound fruit grew out in the backyard of a Chicago citizen!


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With Halloween around the corner all sorts of scary things are happening everywhere, but this is by far the largest and we are calling it THE GREAT PUMPKIN! LOL

Chicago based man, Joe Adkins reached out to CBS 2 and explained how he grew out a large pumpkin in his backyard which just also happens to be the largest in the state this year. Pumpkin decoration is a huge part of halloween traditions.

The secret to growing great pumpkins

Joe gave a few tips on how to grow the perfect large pumpkin; this will be very helpful if you intend to grow a great pumpkin for your next Halloween. It all starts with the right seed. With about $400 - $500 you can get the right kind of seed for a great pumpkin, but it’s a very risky venture as some seeds might not even sprout!

Perfectly balanced soil is also very key to growing a great pumpkin. Joe explained that he had his soil tested and after getting the result, he made necessary amendments by adding some components. These components made the soil perfectly balanced. Joe added that he heats up the soil with underground coils during the spring to jump-start the growth of the great pumpkin. Lastly, rain water, lots of it. Unlike the city water, rain water contains necessary nutrients to aid the great pumpkins growth. 

Halloween and pumpkins

The tradition of carving scary faces on pumpkins during Halloween in North America dates back to the mid-19th century, after the Irish immigrants brought with them the custom of carving “Jack-o-lanterns” on turnips. Pumpkins were later used to replace turnips because they were easier to carve.


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This halloween tradition has since then become one big part of the festival.  

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