Homeless Man From Phoenix Was A Secret Santa, But People Didn’t Stop For Him. Those Who Did Got A $100 Surprise!

Date December 21, 2018

What do you consider to be kindness? Every year in the United States, an anonymous wealthy businessman takes the esteemed role of Saint Nick by giving away a total of $100,000 in $100 bills to strangers he meets on his way.

This Western Christmas tradition, which is often documented through news media, plays a critical role in encouraging people to show kindness to those around them through gifts and other kind actions, especially during the holiday season.


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For most people who come across Secret Santa, the kindness is often moving and rarely does it leave them without tears of joy and gratitude.

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Homeless man becomes Secret Santa

While Secret Santa goes around himself, he introduced a new twist when he recruited a new helper: A homeless man from Phoenix. The homeless man, Moses, was given $3,000 with instructions to give it to anyone who he felt needed it.

Just as Moses expected, despite his efforts to talk to people on the street, some people perceived him as intrusive, lazy, or just in need of handouts, since he was just a poor homeless man. However, to those that stopped for him, Moses had a great surprise as he rewarded them with money that made their days brighter.


Among those that received the cash were two girls, a father with no money to buy presents for his seven children, and a homeless mother of five kids.

To Moses, the experiences of being Secret Santa had a great impact on his life. He reported that giving changed him for the better.

Today we changed a lot of people’s lives, but I believe my life was changed the most.

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People are inspired by Secret Santa

To most people, Secret Santa’s kind deeds inspire and motivate to rise beyond their personal limitations. 

Secret Santa's actions prove that people can show great kindness in their own way. Regardless of the gesture, the important thing is to make another person’s life better.

Homeless Man From Phoenix Was A Secret Santa, But People Didn’t Stop For Him. Those Who Did Got A $100 Surprise!StockLite /

Whether the people we give to are homeless, needy, or even our own families, our selflessness is all that counts. Just like Secret Santa says¸ “kindness is a bridge between all people and so if you are ever down and want to lift yourself up, go do something kind for somebody.”

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