"Grandma Nicknamed Me ‘Angel’ Because I Have Wings Instead Of Arms": A Florida Teenager’s Journey With Amelia Challenges Naysayers

Date December 25, 2018 14:05

For most of us, our bodies make us who we are as when we are healthy, well-built, and perfect, we are confident and when we become frail, we often lose our passion for life. However, for people with amelia, a condition where one is born without one or more limbs, this option is out of control and one has to find ways of living with it.

For Donavia Walker (16) who was diagnosed with bilateral amelia at birth, life without both of her hands is not that hard, as she has learned to be independent as she takes life one step at a time.

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Even without arms, she is very independent

Donavia, who was nicknamed ‘Angel’ by her grandmother because she has 'wings' in the place of arms is an inspiration, as she has overcome the challenges of living without arms. The teenager, who is popular in her hometown, Winter Haven, Florida, is no ordinary girl, as she always enjoys her life to the fullest despite her condition. 

While one would expect someone with the condition to be dependent on others, Donavia has proven that she can be independent as she can eat with her feet, draw with them, drive a car, and even play soccer. Also, like any other teenager, Donavia can text her friends with her feet!

Speaking on her past experiences with people who diminished her, the inspiring young girl noted that:

People would put me down because they didn't think I could do as much as I can.

Well, every day of her life has become proof that she can do anything her peers can and currently, she is an accomplished Junior Reserve Officer. She has earned respect as a disciplined, capable, and reliable cadet.

To everyone with a physical condition, Donavia is an inspiration and her advice is that people should love themselves and never let their conditions deter them from enjoying life.

You should love yourself and find people who will make you feel comfortable with yourself because there is no reason you should be nervous.

She is an inspiration to others

Aside from inspiring those around her, Donavia is admired by people from all around the world who applaud her for the remarkable determination to break the barriers everyday.

For most people who saw her story, she was nothing short of inspirational. One user, Neo KirchBaby said: 

Oh Wow! She is so inspiring. Just when I thought I am ‘inspiring’ with no legs, this made me see that there are people out there who have it harder than I do. Wow!

To Annette Johnson, Donavia's is a powerful symbol of determination and hope. 

You were born different, & not letting it get in your way. You have a great outlook and attitude. Keep living like you’re living & you will continue to succeed at whatever you do. Nice story…

For Lisette V, Donavia was an inspiration to keep going. 

If Angel is not giving up, then I’m not giving up.

Truly, Donavia is proof that nothing is impossible as she has overcome bilateral amelia to accomplish all her dreams and the future promises to be even brighter for her. From a very young age, Angel has proven that self-love is the key to accomplishing one's dreams in life. 

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