Meet This 6-Year-Old Boy Whose 2-Foot-Long Hair Made Him An Internet Sensation And A Successful Model

Date December 24, 2018

For years, hair has been an obsession for girls who consider it pride, a gift, and a crown of their femininity. However, boys appear to be catching up as they see hair as a major factor in boosting their attractiveness!

Meet This 6-Year-Old Boy Whose 2-Foot-Long Hair Made Him An Internet Sensation And A Successful ModelWilliam Moss /

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Today, some men chose longer hair as it contrasts their masculinity and makes them stand out in a crowd. To a growing number of men, hair length serves as an amplifier of their attraction, and they are more likely to be considered handsome by women compared to men with shorter hair.

Well, this rundown is true in the case of young Farouk James who has taken over the internet with his giant Afro curly hair that is, well, just to die for!

Is he girly or manly? You decide.

Farouk James might be little, but when it comes to his hair, he is a 'big guy'.


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According to his mother, when Farouk was born, his hair was an incredible inch and a half, and when he was four months old, it turned curly as it grew strikingly fast. Like any other mother in this generation, she shared her son’s hair online with pride and with time, his fame shot through the roof.

While he is just a child, Farouk started receiving offers to model for various hair companies that were amazed at his unique and amazing Afro hair.

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At only six-years-old, Farouk is a model in his own right, as he has featured in various shows and brands of both freelance agencies and companies. 


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To Farouk's mother, his son’s hair is the most important thing in their lives. Every day, she cares for his hair to make sure it does not break and that it maintains its curly texture.

In this house, Farouk’s hair is the priority… it even comes before cooking dinner and housework.

Well, for anyone who has seen Farouk’s hair, the sacrifice is worth it. It makes him attractive as a model and in every photo shoot he always steals the show!

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What should you do when your son has long hair?

If your son grows long hair like Farouk’s, what should you do? Dealing with boys who have long hair is a very tricky subject since even when they want to keep it, they might face judgment from people around them.


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For example, when a boy has long hair, he might be called or even nicknamed ‘girly’ and get picked on by the mean kids at school. In the worst cases, your child might be the victim of negative comments from other adults, especially men.

So, what do you think about boys having long and curly hair? Do you love it or do you think they should just cut it and look like other men? Leave your comments below.

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