"Stress Made Me Gain Over 100 Pounds." Assault Victim Shares Her Weight Loss Journey That Began With The Decision To Be Happy


January 9, 2019 17:20 By Fabiosa

For any adult, stress is an everyday reality as we are surrounded by stressors all around. From the workplace to our personal relationships, stress poses significant challenges to our healthy mental and physical development and it has further been connected to weight problems.

Studies reveal that stress leads to binge eating, as the stress hormone, cortisol, increases one’s hunger and spurs our desire to eat!

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For some people, stress makes them eat more and with time, the stress-initiated eating disorders create even more stress from fears of gaining weight and developing other weight-related illnesses.

The assault led to binge eating

For Felicia Keathley, who was of normal weight in high school, a sexual assault changed her life forever. To the 22-year-old, what started as a traumatic event soon transformed into an ugly cycle of binge eating as she resorted to food to calm her fears.


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For Felicia, who kept the tragic assault a secret to her friends and family, the mental stress from the trauma soon spiraled into physical stress as she resorted to stress-eating.

However, after Felicia sought help, her therapist challenged her to rise above her trauma by changing her life, a decision that changed her life’s path forever. Thus, starting her weight loss journey, Felicia reminded herself that she needed to overcome the main problem by dropping her unhealthy habits.  

I constantly reminded myself this does not control you anymore and don’t let this control your life and happiness.


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Her weight loss journey is an inspiration

For most people who have followed Felicia’s weight loss journey, her strides are impressive, to say the least as she shed over nine stone and five pounds over 14 months.


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For Felicia, who now weighs an impressive 12 stone and still has the drive to keep on going, losing the extra fat helped her to reclaim the happiness that she truly deserved. While admitting that working out was the most challenging part of her journey, Felicia admitted that any change is possible.

After 14 months of hard work, I am officially down -131 lbs total. I never EVER thought I would get here. I have never been this happy in my life. Take care of your body and believe in yourself. It IS possible.


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To those who follow her on Instagram, her journey is as impressive as she was an inspiration when she proved that determination can help anyone achieve their goals and change their lives forever.

People can relate to Felicia’s experiences

For most people, stress is a major factor in eating disorders, but with the right determination to overcome these personal challenges, positive change is possible.

To others, stress can indeed lead to eating disorders as it is easy to turn to food for comfort. 

Sometimes, the same stress can make you lose weight, which is also unhealthy.

From these examples, it emerges that stress is surely a serious threat to the healthy development of physical and mental wellness and without help, the situation can get worse. 

So, the next time you meet a friend who has gained weight, don’t discriminate against them since you never know which internal battles they are fighting. Instead, try to encourage them to do everything they can to be better since they need all the help and support they can get. 

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