"Today I Was Supposed To Become Mrs. Zimmerman," Grieving Woman Makes Her Wedding Photo-Shoot To Honor Late Fiancé

Date December 27, 2018 10:45

Today I was supposed to become Mrs. Zimmerman,

are the only words that Debbie Gerlach (25) could master on the day that she was supposed to marry her husband-to-be, Randy Zimmerman.

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For Debbie, losing a loved one a few days to the wedding day she had lived her whole life waiting for was not only overwhelming but also heart-breaking.

Her hubby died just a few days to their wedding day

In an emotional post she shared on LoveWhatMatters, Debbie revealed that despite her greatest hopes and dreams of a beautiful married life, she found herself broken and alone when she was almost realizing her dreams.

Today I woke up with my heart broken all over again…Today I will not marry the love of my life. Today I will not have a husband.

Randy, who had been driving his motorcycle on the day he died, was the victim of a careless driver who did not stop at a stop sign. While he had worn protective gear as he did every day, the impact from the accident was severe.

Debbie made wedding photo-shoot to honor Randy

To honor her late fiancé, Debbie donned her beautiful white wedding gown for a photo-shoot that was a tribute to her late husband and to what might have been their wedding day.

In the pictures, Debbie bravely poses for the camera in her full wedding-day glory while a faded image of her Randy is photoshopped next to her to signify that even though he might be gone, he will always be with her.

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You are not alone, Debbie

Debbie’s photo-shoot touched her followers on Facebook who responded by sharing their condolences and experiences with death as they reminded the heart-broken bride that she was not alone and that things will always get better.

Debbie’s story is shared by another woman

For Jessie Padgett, September 29th was the day she would have married the love of her life, Kendall Murphy. However, her dream wedding was not to be, as her late husband, who was also a volunteer firefighter, was hit by a drunk driver as he rushed to help a crash victim.

Just like Debbie, Jessie honored her late fiancé and the love they shared by doing a photo shoot with her wedding dress. In the photos, she poses next to Kendall’s portrait picture, his tombstone, and with her family and friends.

Debbie and Jessie’s experiences show that while loved ones might leave us, the most important thing to do is to remember them for the love they gave us while they were still alive. Even though they are gone, they will always remain in our hearts and minds.

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