Brave 10-Year-Old Girl Saved A Dozen Of People From A Fire Using Safety Tips She Learned In Grade 3

Date August 27, 2018 04:09

When fire broke out on the 12th floor of Crystal Tower in Mumbai's Parel area, 10-year-old Zen Sadavarte was at home on the 16th floor with her family. Luckily, the girl, who’s now in Class 6, knew exactly what to do.

As she revealed in an interview on NDTV, Zen learned a lot about disaster management when she was in Class 3. Back then, she did a project for this topic, so she researched it a lot. Luckily, all the knowledge came in handy.

Remembering her teacher’s advice to remain calm in any situation, the 10-year-old alerted her neighbors and family about the fire. Then, she took them to the neighbor’s house because it was safer and had fewer wooden objects:

I called everybody in my floor and then I analyzed all the flats. I just checked how much carbon each house contained. Then I ran into one of my neighbors’ house. That house was perfect.

On top of it, Zen made masks with a cotton cloth, soaked it in water, and asked everyone to wear them. The girl also guided family and neighbors on how to breathe. Due to the her efforts, more than 10 people were saved until the rescuers arrived.

What a brave girl!

The story went viral, and people can’t stop thanking Zen for her acts

This example only proves that children should be taught disaster prevention measures early enough to be able to react to them properly.