Top 10 Best Animated Short Films To Lift Your Mood And Teach Important Life Lessons

Date December 12, 2018 14:27

If you think that short animated films are for kids, you are wrong. They can be more meaningful than some of the best Hollywood masterpieces. They can teach us valuable life lessons and change our perception of this world. In addition, it takes less time for us to learn something new or simply receive a dose of entertainment. Isn’t it wonderful, considering the busy, time-consuming world we’re living in? And the most important thing is that, such animated short films typically are suitable for every age. We want to share with you our favorite pieces of art, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy watching them as much as we did.

Top 10 Best Animated Short Films To Lift Your Mood And Teach Important Life Lessonsinterstid /

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Top 10 best animated short movies

1. Paperman (2012)

We want to start the list of the best animated short films ever with this gem. The romantic story about one office worker who fell in love with a girl and tried to get her attention by launching paper airplanes will not leave anyone’s heart untouched. Paperman, produced by Disney, won an Oscar because it is indeed one of the best animated short films about love.

2. For the Birds (2000)

One of the most hilarious animated short movies created by Pixar, For the Birds, lasts only 3 minutes, but can make your whole week. It also won an Oscar and is considered one of the best short comedies ever. Pixar surely knew how to create masterpieces!

3. Piper (2016)

Yet another gem produced by Pixar, Piper, tells us a 5-minute long story that simply shows us how difficult it is to grow up, regardless of whether you are a little bird or a human being. This short movie also won an Academy Award.

4. Bao (2018)

Has anyone ever doubted that Pixar is absolutely the best at animated short films? The company’s latest work proves once again that the imagination is truly limitless. How would you react if one of your handmade dumplings came alive? Watch Bao and learn a complete guide on how to treat an alive dumpling.

5. La Luna (2011)

An Italian animator, Enrico Casarosa, created one of the most magical animated films ever. La Luna is a sweet and touching story of a boy, who helps his father harvest little stars falling on the moon. Of course, you might say it is impossible, as the stars are hundred times bigger than Earth’s satellite. But who cares when this movie is just so cute and meaningful at the same time.

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6. World of Tomorrow (2016)

The 2016 Oscar nominee, World of Tomorrow, cannot boast of the visually stunning animation, but it surely deserves to be in our list. This animated story is about a little girl, who is taken on an absolutely mind-blowing tour of her future. Surely a must-watch for anyone, including adults!

7. Kiwi! (2006)

Probably the saddest short animated film ever, Kiwi!, was ranked the most favorite video on YouTube in the animation category. This short movie tells us a story of a little Kiwi, who is determined to learn to fly. The small creature spends its whole life and energy to make the dream come true.

8. In a Heartbeat (2017)

Nowadays, we learn to appreciate all kinds of love, to find harmony and peace in our society. In a Heartbeat is a simple yet so adorable and touching story of a boy who fell in love with another boy. What will prevail: the shyness or the romantic feeling?

9. Dear Basketball (2017)

We will remember Kobe Bryant as a legendary basketball player. After the retirement, many professional players simply go on a well-deserved rest, or continue working as commentators or coaches. Maybe we will learn one day that Kobe joined the LA Lakers as their new coach, but for now, we can enjoy a wonderful, inspiring animated film, where he reads a poem dedicated to basketball. This feature, by the way, won an Academy Award, so it is definitely worth watching.

10. Garden Party (2017)

Imagine a huge deserted rich house. What stories can it tell? The creators of Garden Party believe that it won’t be deserted for long. The house’s new owners are a bunch of amphibians, who explore their new surroundings in a very strange way. This short movie is definitely one of the most brilliant comedies of all time.

We hope you will change your perception of animated short films. In just 5 minutes, they can make your day or teach something new. They can even change your whole life by inspiring you to do something very important, something you’ve always wanted to do. Animated short films are not just for children!

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