Top 10 Inspirational Movies Of All Time To Make You Believe Everything Is Possible

Date December 5, 2018 18:19

People love watching movies because of many different reasons, but we believe that the most special one is to find inspiration. Good movies work the same way good books used to. Thanks to them, we can learn, change our perception, solve problems, get motivated, come up with new ideas, etc. Movies are a great source of energy and wisdom.

Although some movies are simply created for the sake of pure entertainment or to wake up different emotions, from sentimental up to neurotic, there are thousands of brilliant, inspiring pieces of art. And today we want to celebrate the movies that bring light and hope in our souls, that make us believe that everything is truly possible, and that give us wings to fly towards our goals. Here are our 10 best inspirational movies!

Top 10 Inspirational Movies Of All Time To Make You Believe Everything Is PossibleAntonio Guillem /

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Top 10 inspirational movies of all time

1. Interstellar (2014)

Do you believe in magic? Well, after watching this movie, you most certainly will believe in science at the very least and also, that everything is possible. Absolutely stunning performance of the cast, incredibly atmospheric music by Hans Zimmer, and the exceptional vision of Christopher Nolan created a masterpiece that inspired millions of people across the world. Interstellar is absolutely worth watching it for hundred times.

2. The Martian (2015)

A human being can survive in almost any conditions. Although intelligence and physical strength are incredibly important factors, the decisive one is willpower. The main character played by Matt Damon proves exactly that after surviving alone on Mars. People become unstoppable when it comes to saving their lives. The Martian is a wonderful inspirational movie to watch on your weekends.

3. Whiplash (2014)

If you love music, this exceptional piece of art is your best choice. Whiplash is more than just an inspirational movie, it is a pure obsession. There aren’t many things that inspire us more than a story of a tough road to success, a story when an apprentice becomes a master, a story of dedication that borders on madness and insanity. Whiplash is all of the above.

4. The King's Speech (2010)

Famous, powerful people are also humans, thus have their issues. And it is incredibly inspiring to watch how an unsure monarch fights with his stammer! Colin Firth’s brilliant acting makes you believe that he is real King George VI. One of the most inspirational movies won 102 awards and 4 Oscars in particular. Absolutely a must-watch!

5. 12 Years a Slave (2013)

Another incredibly exciting film based on a true story, 12 Years a Slave, can bring hope to anyone. It teaches us that there’s always a way out and that bad times will end if you believe and keep trying to make your life better. This masterwork is considered one of the absolute best inspirational movies of all time. It won 236 awards, of which 3 were Oscars.

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6. October Sky (1999)

Back then, children rarely had many options regarding the future. Usually, they just followed in their parents’ footsteps. The exact same path was waiting for Homer Hickam, a son of a coal miner. However, things changed when the first artificial satellite was launched into orbit. Watch how Homer and his friend crush stereotypes and fight for their right to choose their own way. October Sky is definitely one of the best inspirational movies about finding yourself.

7. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Don’t let the title fool you. Dead Poets Society is a story about probably the most alive people in the world. This list wouldn’t be complete without this movie for sure. Not only because Robin Williams inspires just with his acting, but also because the story itself is incredibly deep and touching. Looking for some inspiration? Look no further!

8. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Simply one of the best inspirational movies about starting over and discovering your true self, It’s a Wonderful Life, despite its age, still has arguably no rivals. Maybe it is because there is no other such film in the world. See for yourself.

9. The Blind Side (2009)

Although today, Marvel movies are considered absolutely best for the younger generations, The Blind Side can definitely compete with them. Not in the special effects department, but in the category of the most meaningful films. We believe that it is one of the best inspirational movies for students because it teaches probably the most important qualities: compassion, empathy, and support.

10. Billy Elliot (2000)

Nobody can stop you from doing what you like, if it’s not illegal of course. Billy Elliot raises the immortal problem of parental expectations and children’s true desires. This great inspirational movie simply leaves you with no other option than to believe in yourself!

Everyone needs inspiration from time to time. We are especially in need when going through some hard times. We hope these beautiful, important movies inspired you to solve your problems and improve the quality of your life. We wish you more inspiration in your life!

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