Top 10 Songs About Love To Warm Your Heart And Experience Wonderful Feelings

Date December 6, 2018

All the books, paintings, movies, and songs are written about love. Romance and relationships are the most important subjects of nearly any artist. We believe that we couldn’t experience such a strong feeling to another person without people sharing their experience in the most powerful pieces of art, which basically teach us how to love truly. But only music can create a personal soundtrack for the couple. Everyone has a favorite song, which reminds them of their first kiss or that slow-dance at the prom. So we want to celebrate love with the help of the music industry and share our most favorite songs about this beautiful feeling.

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Top 10 songs about love

1. Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

Everyone knows that Lana’s songs are unbelievably beautiful, rich, and profound. One of her latest songs, Mariners Apartment Complex, is no exception to this. It has wonderful lyrics, slow and hypnotizing rhythm, and Lana’s smoky voice. Maybe there’s nothing more needed for a love song.

2. AURORA - Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Probably the most beautiful songs about love are tragic. The young girl from Norway channels her beautiful and wounded heart through this masterpiece. Love is all about self-sacrifice, isn’t it? Some people surely may argue, and they may be right. But everyone would agree that Murder Song is an exceptionally genuine and sincere song about love.

3. Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again (A Star Is Born)

Do you remember that vulgar artist with party songs and fancy looks? We do. But modern Lady Gaga seems to have nothing in common with her past self. And we can tell for sure, it is for better! Her latest song from A Star Is Born, a wonderful movie with Bradley Cooper, is mature, strong, and simply breathtaking.

4. Robbie Williams – Angels

It amazes us, how there are so many different beautiful songs about love and each of them is unique. Angels by Robbie Williams is an iconic piece of art that inspired millions of hearts all over the world. And indeed, when listening to this song, it is impossible to imagine a feeling more precious than love.

5. Ella Mai – Trip

If you are more into the modern music, Ella Mai, an English highly underrated singer and songwriter, will definitely please your ears. Her smooth vocal and soft beat create a unqiue atmosphere: comfortable and gentle. Trip is an ideal love song to listen to when you are together and have absolutely nothing to do.Absolutely one of the best songs about love in 2018.

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6. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

You will never hear a voice similar to Florence Welch. And it’s not just about the power or the beauty of her tone. She has something that pierces right through your soul. What’s also great about her songs is the amazing arrangement, which stresses the emotions so perfectly. The combination of the music and her vocals creates a unique atmosphere, which devours you and relocates you in another world, the world that you will not want to leave.

7. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

This list wouldn’t be complete without simply the best love song ever written. Many great singers tried to express their feelings in this masterpiece, but we believe that no one was even close to Whitney Houston’s interpretation. Her performance truly became iconic not because of the exquisite vocal technique, but because of the deep soul and trustful emotions, she managed to channel.

8. Queen - Love Of My Life

Imagine you had a special power to resurrect just one famous singer. Who would it be? For us, there’s no other option but to revive arguably the greatest rock artist of all time, Freddie Mercury. He used to sing about everything, and the most beautiful songs were about love. If only we could have another concert like Live Aid.

9. Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

Love can make you feel young again. Don’t you agree, that it was so much easier to love when you were young? Rihanna managed to deliver that romantic, naïve feeling of a young person in love through her song, We Found Love, which quickly became a hymn of modern love.

10. Post Malone - Stay

What distinguishes Post Malone from other contemporary musicians? We believe it is his unbelievably relatable lyrics and touching melodies. Stay is arguably the best romantic song of 2018. Haven’t heard it yet? You can enjoy the beauty down below.

Sharing love songs with your significant other can strengthen the bond between you and create special unforgettable moments. We believe that the world would be an utterly horrible place to live in if there were no love songs! We hope you liked our playlist. Suggest your favorite love songs in the comment section!

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