Special Needs Guy Makes A Prom-Proposal To His Special Needs Sweetheart At Disney World: ‘Be My Beauty’

Date May 14, 2018 11:38

Chad and Abigail are young people with special needs. Their friendship has blossomed since their childhood. Someone may say that people with Down syndrome are not capable to live their lives to the fullest, but Chad and Abigail prove the opposite.

Chad and Abigail’s story

Chad and Abigail were both born with Down syndrome. The young people first met in a kindergarten, and since that time, they are truly inseparable. They always spend their birthdays together and love to go out for movies or make long promenades in a park.

Their special condition never stopped any of them to reach their goals. Chad plays at his high school football team, besides he is a member of the school swim team and has several awards. Abigail loves poetry and dreams of becoming a famous actress someday.

Sweet prom-proposal at Disney World

Chad and Abigail spend all their free time together, but the young people attend different schools. For years, Chad had been looking forward to his senior prom and asking Abigail to be his date. For everyone who remembers his/her school prom, you’ll definitely understand how nervous Chad felt at that special moment.

When Chad found out the theme of the senior prom was Disney’s ‘Be Our Guest’, he was excited because he knew Beauty & The Beast was Abigail’s favorite animated movie. At that point, the young man knew exactly how he would make a prom-proposal to his sweetheart.

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Chad asked Abigail’s mother to give him a helping hand to implement his plan. It was Saturday when Abigail and her mom planned a shopping day, but instead, her mother surprised the girl with a trip to Disney World. Upon arrival at the park, Abigail was even more surprised to see Chad and his mom waiting for them.

The four of them spent a great day together and then went for lunch at Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed restaurant. The place was just perfect for a big surprise. After they had lunch, Chad took the moment to ask Abigail to “be his beauty” at prom. Abigail was over the moon after Chad’s surprise, and of course, she said “Yes.”

Chad and Abigail were real stars at their prom. Chad was happy to spend this special day with his beauty.

If someone still thinks that people with special needs are different from the rest of the world, be prepared to be amazed by what they can do. Thank you, Chad and Abigail, for sharing your beautiful story with us.

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