Teen Girl Amazed ‘America’s Got Talent’ Simon Cowell With Her Emotional Performance In Memory Of Her Late Dad

Date June 1, 2018

Numerous America’s Got Talent fans know that it’s not that easy to surprise the judges after twelve seasons of the popular show. Well, it’s not easy but still possible.

14-year-old Flaujae from Savannah literally hit the audience with her amazing performance at AGT. The girl managed to impress all the judges, even the ‘strongest’ one, Simon Cowell.


America indeed has talents

Flaujae Monae Johnson finally realized her long-time dream to present her original song to the public.

Things haven’t been easy for the 14-year-old girl. Her father died before she was born. He was shot in a cruel tragedy at the age of 20.

Flaujae never met her father, but she shares his passion to music. Her dad was a rapper, and Flaujae has followed his footsteps too.

The girl came to the talent show to perform her original song in memory of her late dad. The song has a meaningful title - “Guns Down.

Before she began singing, Flaujae addressed to the judges and the audience of AGT. She said:

I’m a rapper, I rap. My father, he was a rapper. He died before I was born so he couldn’t fulfill his dream, but that’s what I’m here to do.

Flaujae’s song moved the viewers as well as the judges. Simon Cowell, who is mostly not so generous on compliments, couldn’t keep silence after such an emotional performance.

Even though I don’t know a lot about rap music, I do know talent. Right now, I believe we are witnessing the start of somebody’s career big time. That was amazing, what you did was so important.

You can watch Flaujae’s fantastic performance in the video below.

‘Guns Down’

Wow! It was amazing! Flaujae is very talented, and she definitely has a great future in the music industry. Her father would be proud of his daughter.

Simon Cowell