Woman Goes Viral After She Posted A Makeup Tutorial For Turning Her Face Into Mona Lisa

Date May 28, 2018

If you ask different women the question "Why do women wear makeup?", you'll get answers as varied as the women who respond.

There are multiple reasons why girls wear makeup; first of all, to feel confident. Agree that when you look attractive, it makes you feel really good.

Some women use makeup to look younger and, vice versa, teenage girls often wear makeup because they want to appear older.

But some girls can turn a daily makeup routine into a genuine work of art.

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Yuya Mika became a real social media star when she posted a video tutorial for turning her face into Mona Lisa with the help of a makeup.

‘Mona Lisa’ makeup transformation

Yuya posted a video on her Instagram account showing how she transformed her face to look exactly like famous Mona Lisa.

To create the look, Mika contoured her face with a concealer and added some shades with a bronzer. The result was fantastic. Yuya’s look was identical to Leonardo da Vinci's most iconic painting.

Really, if you don’t believe us, just check it out yourself.

Mika’s makeup skills are beyond expert level. Da Vinci would definitely appreciate her talent. This young lady has a big future in the beauty industry.